Peter B. Giblett

Senior IT Executive - IT Visionary - Enterprise Risk - Statutory Compliance - Business Intelligence


Do you need a Senior IT Executive who has twenty years of senior level experience in delivering business results?

I work with world-class corporations to guarantee IT contributes to improving business results through corporate solutions deployment; business intelligence; legal and compliance; and executive synergy

Whilst in charge of IT application deployment Peter negotiated an alternative deployment strategy saving $400,000 in corporate ERP deployment that revitalized corporate systems. During project deployment we saved a further $200,000.

Should your company be seeking a business focused Senior IT Executive with a record for delivering cost effective and tangible IT solutions, you may be interested in some of Peter’s accomplishments:

  • Implemented Business Intelligence strategies which empowered corporate finance analysts to spend 95% of their time assessing corporate performance instead of processing data.
  • Aligned global IT strategy and corporate project deployment with business results.
  • Managed corporate risk and statutory compliance  - implemented practical solutions that ensured systems complied with necessary legal provisions.
  • Reduced licensing fees by over $20 million over a 5 year period by consolidating systems and migrating data at a cost of $1 million.
  • Revolutionized a Water authority’s customer service reputation by providing IT tools that analyzed telemetry readings to deploy rapid response teams to correct off-site emergencies.

Peter is currently looking at one of two potential futures:

1) As your next corporate CIO or head of IT (VP, or Director), or

2) As an advisor or troubleshooting executing assisting your CIO or head of IT

IT Project Troubleshooting - I will put your project back on schedule!
Builds relationships at all levels - in the board-room or on the coal-face.
Manages external partners
Project evaluation/audit
Corporate and IT Strategy - I will ensure that IT delivers results for your business
Enterprise Risk Solutions
Manages Statutory Compliance deliverables
Delivers corporate-wide solutions: ERP, CRM, BI, etc.
Business Intelligence
Designs and implements full life-cycle of Business Change
IT & Legal Impact - I can advise on on a number of areas including:
Contract Negotiations,
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Peter is a profit motivated Senior IT Executive who has consistently contributed to improving the bottom line in the following areas:

  • Corporate Project Deployment
  • Complex Multi-Phased, Long Term Corporate Projects
  • CRM & ERP Programs
  • Corporate Business Intelligence
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Corporate IT Management
  • Global IT Strategy
  • Oracle & Microsoft
  • Project Justification

Corporations are focusing on enterprise risk management (ERM) and statutory compliance. Peter has practical experience providing solutions in these areas.

He has built and managed teams of upto 250 IT professionals including multiple discipline corporate development projects for 247x365 global operations. He has a demonstrated history of involving the executive team with change programs, collaborating as necessary with strategic units to focus on the key business challenges.

Peter brings strong strategic IT management skills and the proven ability to deliver results that impact the bottom line. He has served on of Executive Committees and contributed to critical strategic decisions. He works collaboratively with senior portfolio and function executives to plan and execute integrated strategic results, plan, execute, and facilitate business change.

Since 2006 Peter was Head of Development (Information Services) for The News Group, North America’s leading distributor of periodicals and books.



Peter B. Giblett
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